In 2017, three friends who had been working in the languages industry for a long time decided that the fast developments happening in the industry are too exciting to just observe them passively. We had the experience, we had our different skill sets, we had our ideas - so we decided to put them to work together and establish Technica Translations.

For the first three years, we concentrated exclusively on providing services for the international language industry, working for global Language Service Providers. As there is no shortage of work there, new people kept joining us, everyone bringing along their valuable skills and experience. By 2020, we had developed our specific workflows, a wide network of customers as well as providers, good machine translation capabilities and a lot else to help us ensure nothing gets lost in translation. We’re glad to say there are more and more customers turning to us from very different industries: automotive, life sciences, agriculture, legal, IT, electronics, marketing and various other areas.

The health and economic crisis that started in 2020 has shown us even more clearly that people’s needs to communicate across language borders are growing constantly. So we decided this is a good time to come up with our own solutions on the Estonian market to help make the world a better place by catering to those needs more efficiently. Our service model is based on the concept of Augmented Translation, we’re using the most modern and innovative solutions to make translation services faster, more convenient and more efficient.

We’re happy to have a great network of cooperation partners, and we’re always ready for new challenges!