Dedicated provider of ET, LV, LT and other East European languages

TECHNICA TRANSLATIONS has been providing professional language services into the languages of the Baltic States since 2017. Established by a small group of localization industry experts in Tallinn, Estonia as a modern Baltic regional MLV, we have gradually added, and keep adding, other Eastern European languages into our portfolio.

  • User guides and manuals
  • Product sheets and presentation materials
  • Architectural or industrial production designs and blueprints with accompanying explanation letters
  • Patents and related documentation
  • All kinds of other technical documentation
  • Organization charts, diagrams and tables
  • Software UI and help files, applications and system diagrams

Depending on how you want to look at it, almost any kind of translation can be called technical translation these days. However, we want to distinguish it from the other broad fields of translation, as it can never hurt to have a precise focus. Although we do not distinguish between various types of translation areas pricewise, it is still important for everyone involved in the process to be on the "same page".

What are technical translations and how are they different from other types of translation?

While precise terminology, consistency and easy readability of the translated text are always important in translation, they are paramount in technical translations. We create project-specific translation memories and termbases for all technical translations to ensure consistency even when there are many translators working on the same file simultaneously. CAT-tools and well-managed translation memories are indispensable here, but of course they are useless without a good technical translator and a knowledgeable editor who is able to check not only the linguistic side, but also the contents of the text. With more complex projects, we also involve technical editors whose task it is to ensure that the contents of the text is conveyed accurately.

Terminological accuracy and consistency presented in a clear and concise manner is what the end-user of a technical translation expects rather than fancy style or memorable expressions. This also applies to GUI-s, help files and other software elements. While software localization is in many ways different from "regular" translation, everything said above about technical translations also applies to localization.

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Technical Translations

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    • TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising
    • Banner ads, web campaigns
    • Marketing and promotional materials
    • Product sheets, descriptions
    • Speeches, addresses and pitches
    • Various other texts that require a creative approach from the translator

    Marketing translations are the most creative part of our everyday translation work, often bordering on transcreation. Ideally, a marketing translation comes with a brief explaining the aim, the target audience and the intended results of the translated text. And it's definitely not just about knowing the right equivalent of every word in the target language - often the text of, for instance, an advertisement has to be "localized" thoroughly to have a similar effect on the target market. A marketing text can contain slang or wordplay, it may be a poem or a song, or may just defy verbatim rendering in another language. Although marketing translations may be a welcome change from the rigorous, sometimes monotonous term-chasing of long technical texts, they are definitely not easier for the translator, as they require a lot of creative effort. And there is sometimes a few rounds of back-and-forth feedback implementation, adjusting and redoing involved, which may be frustrating.

    Marketing translations are not suitable for every translator. Our regular tests for every translator often also include a specifically marketing-oriented test job to determine the nature of the applicant's creativity. As a result, we know who are the best people for this kind of work and, as always, picking the right team for any job is an important part of our everyday work.

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    Marketing Translations

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      • Product sheets and other documentation of medicinal products
      • Prescriptions, diagnoses, case histories
      • Clinical trials, surveys and other medical research
      • Regulatory materials, product compliance documentation
      • Guides and manuals of healthcare and medical equipment
      • Various product catalogues, lists and inventories of medical and healthcare products

      While a professional background is always a plus for any translator, it is especially true about medical translations. A degree in medicine is a must for most medical translation projects, for translators as well as editors. As absolute accuracy is an unconditional requirement, medical translations often go through several rounds of back-translation by different translators, sometimes even different agencies to ensure objectivity and accuracy. This applies to pharmaceutical product sheets as well as clinical trial protocols, user manuals of various medical equipment, marketing authorizations and numerous other kinds of translations related to medicine or life sciences.

      We have dedicated translation teams for medical translations made up of professional, experienced medical translators to tackle medical translation projects of almost any size. Blind cv-s and other reference materials are available on request.

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      Medical Translations

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        About us

        TECHNICA TRANSLATIONS has been providing professional language services into the languages of the Baltic States since 2017. Established by a small group of localization industry experts in Tallinn, Estonia as a modern Baltic regional MLV, we have gradually added, and keep adding, other Eastern European languages into our portfolio.
        Since the very beginning we have been combining knowledge of the local languages and markets with an understanding of the expectations and standards of the international language services industry. Having worked in the translation business for decades, we know the local linguist resources and translation challenges specific to our languages, and we have made it our task to manage these specifics.
        Our customers include a large and growing number of global Language Service Providers from all continents.
        ISO:17100 certified since 2017, we are one of the leading providers of machine translation and post-editing services for Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, and our MTPE offering is developing fast. We are also one of the pioneers of project management automation in the Baltics, ready to handle various challenges of the industry efficiently and proactively.
        You'll find a brief overview of our main translation areas above.
        Please let us know of your specific needs regarding Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian or other Northern, Central or East European language services!


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